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New Year’s Eve 2015

Here we are on the edge of a new year! It’s always exciting to me because I feel like a new year offers new opportunities. I’m looking forward to developing ideas that I’ve had to expand my skills and clientele. Hope the new year brings many opportunities for your personal growth too! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

A work in progress!!

WOW! How the time goes by!! Have been doing lots of newborn images—some of which are on my main page. Halloween and Christmas is just around the corner and I have added new backdrops and equipment to my studio. Have been developing my FACEBOOK page which I hope to link to this website. Stay tuned for new developments—it’s a work in progress

New photo shoots

July 11 2014   Just added two new weddings and a zombie shoot.  Check it out and tell me what you think!  Thanks, Jill


July 14 2014   Added more links to organize my images and make it easier for you to choose what you’d like to view!  Now, if you hover your mouse over the links at the top right of the home page you’ll see drop down menus and side bars to click on. Always more to come. Please contact me if you have questions, have a comment, or are interested in a photo shoot.    Thanks!  Jill

A Beautiful Wedding

Was asked by a young friend of mine to be the photographer at her wedding—talk about pressure!! It turned out to be great fun though. As soon as I started shooting I forgot all about being “good enough”, and just went with it. Hope you like the results.

Pioneer Theater

Last weekend I went to the Pioneer Theater here in Reno to experience the Fillmore Zone, a band that plays tribute to Bob Dylan and other Rock n Roll music. They were awesome! I was able to get up close with my camera to get the shots you see under the “New Stuff” link on my front page. I like the B&W, what do you think?

Hot August Nights

Last night was the first night for the hot cars in Reno to strut their stuff. It was really amazing to go out and watch the fun. This is the first time I have used my wide angle lens for anything serious—hope you like the results. More to come!
8/11 Added several more pix from my walkabout at the Atlantis last night. These cars are so amazingly beautiful.

Sacred Dancers

July 24, 2011 Just attended a POW WOW in Wadsworth, which is 1/2 hr north of Reno on the reservation at Pyramid Lake—a sacred place is Pyramid Lake. While attending a POW WOW it is very important as an observer to show respect for the ceremonies and cultural practices of our indigenous peoples. Tribes from all over the United States attend these POW WOWs, and there are many throughout the year in various places. The Master of Ceremonies often speaks in his native tongue during announcements and it is melodic to hear. There were native drummers for the dancers—the rhythm pulses through your veins as you listen. I have often wished to do a photo shoot such as this. I hope my images evoke the sense of pride I witnessed. Jill